Data processing and statistics
  • DM001 Data Processing
  • DM002 CRF Development
  • DM003 Database Programming and Testing
  • DM004 Managing Projects Using pCRF
  • DM005 Managing Projects Using eCRF
  • DM006 Data Control
  • DM007 SAE Reconciliation
  • DM008 Laboratory Data Management
  • DM009 Personal Data Protection
  • DM010 External Data Management
  • DM011 Database Closure
System procedures
  • PS001 Protection of Confidential Information
  • PS002 Document Storage and Archiving Rules
  • PS003 Computer System Administration
  • PS004 Documentation Control
  • PS005 Records Control
  • PS006 Corrective and Preventive Actions
  • PS007 Internal Audits
  • PS008 Dealing with Irregularities
  • PS009 Training and Related Documentation