Equal rights
At the Instytut Edukacji i.e., we work in a small, integrated team of
individualists with mutual respect for hard work and cultural
diversity, and free of gender barriers. We try to maintain a fair,
creative and friendly work environment. We care about bulding
relationships among the employees through numerous meetings,
training and brainstorming sessions, which let us continue to
the company is like a family to us!

Development opportunities
The basic rule is that every employee can influence his or her
development path. The company supports them by organizing or
sponsoring appropriate training, either strictly professional or
related to personal development (like time management). They
perform their tasks in a broader context of an entire project, which
lets them develop in more fields. The more experienced employees
share their expertise with younger team members in an organized
and friendly fashion. As they gain experience, they all have a chance
for a promotion.


Customer service policy
Due to many years of experience in working with clients, the Instytut
Edukacji i.e. has well-established, clear procedures for cooperation
called Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). At the same time, we
deal with every client on a case by case basis and improve our
service process with every new project we take on. Before we start
working with a client, we carefully specify the service scope by
developing an operational plan in the form of a Study Protocol, DM
Plans, and SAP. Every now and then we carry out internal and

external audits in order to streamline the procedures. After every
project we try to collect the opinions of our clients to verify the level
of satisfaction with our services. Sometimes we receive
recommendations and letters of referral from them.